IIS 8.5 Enable Automatic Rebind of Renewed Certificate via command line

IIS 8.5 has the following new feature:


To enable this via the command line do the following.

  • On one IIS 8.5 server enable the feature via the IIS Manager as in the above link.
  • This creates a Scheduled Task :\Microsoft\Windows\CertificateServicesClient\IIS-AutoCertRebind
  • You can export this task as an xml file:

schtasks.exe /query /xml ONE -tn “\Microsoft\Windows\CertificateServicesClient\IIS-AutoCertRebind” > IIS-AutoCertRebind.xml

  • Now on any IIS 8.5 server we can enable the automatic rebind feature by importing this scheduled task:

schtasks.exe /create /xml IIS-AutoCertRebind.xml -tn “\Microsoft\Windows\CertificateServicesClient\IIS-AutoCertRebind”
SUCCESS: The scheduled task “\Microsoft\Windows\CertificateServicesClient\IIS-AutoCertRebind” has successfully been created.

  • When you check in IIS Manager you will see that the feauture is now Enabled



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