powerEMC PowerShell module for EMC products

We use various EMC products: VPLEX, VNX and Recoverpoint

My biggest annoyance with these is the lack of a common CLI, let alone a PowerShell module.

I created a module, a work in progress.

You can download it at https://github.com/pdpelsem/powerEMC

VPLEX is based on the REST api

VNX is a unisphere wrapper

Recoverpoint is based on a plink wrapper.

Just save the powerEMC base folder in your modules folder.

Import-Module powerEMC

$CredVplex  = Get-Credential #your vplex service account
$CredVNX = Get-Credential #your vnx sysadmin account
$CredRPA = Get-Credential #your Recoverpoint admin account

... more later





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